The Killing Zone

The Killing Zone (1999) 5.9

1999-07-12(英国)| 惊悚 动作| 英国
上映时间:1999-07-12(英国) 类型: 惊悚 动作
评分: 力荐

The taut, suspenseful - and sometimes darkly comic - story of Matthew Palmer; underworld assassin and Michael Caine fan. Floating in and out...更多章鱼彩票>





a name="qt0189569"> Policewoman's Voice: Freeze! Matthew Palmer: "Freeze"? This isn't America, you know. Woman in Black: Oh well, nobody lives forever... except Barbara Cartland, of course. Woman in Black: I know what you're all thinking. "Did she fire five or did she fire six?" Well, to tell you the truth... I fired two. Sorry, I've always wanted to say that. Woman in Black: How would you like to die? Hmm? Broken neck? Broken back? How's about I start with your arm... then your leg... then your other arm... then your ribcage... finishing off with a spinning roundhouse kick to the head, breaking your neck. Hmm? Sounds good? Works for me. And if it doesn't work for you, then tough titties. Lance Nash: No, I didn't say he was a hit man, I said he was an assassin. There is a difference, you know. A hit man kills people, anyone, for a price. An assassin murders important figures, politicians, monarchs.




导演: 王维明

演员: 马思纯霍建华

The Killing Zone

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